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Cairo Centre for Sleep Disorders (C.C.S.D.)

Cairo Centre for Sleep Disorders Photo Cairo Centre for Sleep Disorders

The Cairo Center for Sleep Disorders provides services for patients with all types of sleep disorders. Evaluations include the assessment of a sleep disorder by consultation and, if necessary, by sleep studies (Polysomnography).

Disorders evaluated include:

An initial evaluation can be requested by your physician or by self-referral by contacting the Cairo Center for Sleep Disorders. The evaluation includes a medical history, sleep history, and brief physical examination to determine if any medical problem exists.

Some sleep problems can be identified at this time through evaluation alone, while others may require diagnostic testing. Referral to medical specialists including pulmonary medicine or Oto- Rliino-Laryngologist may also be recommended at this time.

We provide diagnostic facilities for different specialties:

Various sleep problems require a sleep study or a Polysoinnogram. For a Polysomnogram, patients stay over night in a comfortable private room while monitors continuously evaluate sleep patterns, brain waves, eye movements, breathing effort, heart rhythms, oxygen levels, and leg muscle movements. The information obtained is necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment. Patients are asked to report to the Center 2 hours before their regular bedtime to prepare for the test. A specially trained staff is present for the duration of the tests. Patients may leave the next morning to return to their normal daytime activity with a schedule for following discussion of the results with the Consultant Physician.

A Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) is administered to those patients complaining of excessive daytime sleepiness. It is most helpful in the diagnosis of narcolepsy. This test, consisting of four naps taken every two hours, is conducted to determine the amount of time that is required to fall asleep and the type of sleep the patient experiences.

All patients receive an individualized treatment program. Some problems may simply require adjusting sleep habits or reducing stress. Sleep apnea can be treated with various methods including weight loss, medication, or more commonly CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which provides a steady airway pressure through a nasal mask to prevent the throat from closing off during sleep. In some sleep apnea cases, surgery may be recommended.

The Center can offer needed therapeutic supplies for sleep related breathing disorders besides counseling. For physicians referring patients with sleep disorders for investigations, confidential report will be delivered to the referring physician.

Contact Us: Al Borg Building (Clinic 909) 55 Abdel Moneim Riyad St., Mohandiseen , Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: (202) 3454969 | Fax: (202) 3510906.

Aldar Recovery House

Aldar Recovery House Photo Aldar Recovery House

After completing a period of 3 weeks in the hospital all pts are given an assessment form to view their eligibility to continue their treatment plan in the halfway house. Located approximately 10 minutes away from the hospital the halfway house provides an intermediate care facility to a total of 15 addicts in recovery. Clients are medically supervised and enjoy all other facilities provided by the hospital as part of their recreational activities.

The period of stay in the Halfway House is approximately 3 months during which the clients regularly attend meetings, encouraged to show commitment to the NA and AA fellowship and work through the 12 steps of their program.

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